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What is a web application?

Web Applications (aka web software) is a program (or script) executed on web server but the result is displayed in visitor's browser. A nice example would be web banking or on-line shopping. Many companies could improve their customer service by offering their services on the web. Here is a list of several examples of very useful web applications:
  • e-Commerce (eCommerce) Sell your products online
  • Display your current inventory on the web site
  • Automatically send news letter to your customers
  • Custom built web application forms
  • Give selected customers access to your database
  • Have your customers upload files through the web site
  • Setup your company web FTP and web e-mail applications
  • Manage your users on the web page
  • Manage e-mail accounts and mailing lists online
  • Create private EDI transactions with your clients
  • Have access to your web statistics of visitors
  • Generate PDF files on the fly (using a script on the server)

What do I need to set up a web application?

It depends on your requirements, how current (up to date) would the provided information be, and at what existing level you are in terms of computization and website development. We do provide free estimate and right suggestions for your business free of charge.

How much does it cost to create web application? (Toronto, Canada)

Approximate cost would be determined upon detailed overview of the project. Small application projects start anywhere from $1000 dollars and up. Feel free to contact us for any question you might have at info@abacus.ca. We would be glad to answer all your questions. Check our Web Design Pricing And Packages.

What tools does Abacus employees use for web development?

Standard web applications tools are used by Abacus.ca including; DHTML, SHTML, Secure encrypted pages, PHP, ASP, JavaScript, XML, SQL, MySQL, Ajax, Microsoft MS Access, Interbase, creating PDF on the fly, Flash design and others. Feel free to consult with us what tools should be used for your project and why.

References to several web application websites:

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  Web Applicatoins:
  • HTML
  • STML
  • SSL
  • XML
  • PHP Scripting
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL Database
  • DB2
  • Ajax

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