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12 Sites published in 2013 [Feb 02, 2014]

Check out our portfolio section for more.

Another two projects finished and two on the way [March 02, 2011]

Check them out here: Viper Safety and Renovations in Etobicoke

Two More Websites Published & Happy Holidays [December 20, 2010]

Wishing everyone happy holidays. Abacus will be closed on Dec 27th, 2010 and Jan 03, 2011.

Another Large Contract signed, Two Websites Published [March 17, 2010]

Happy to be on top of the things with web projects.

TutorGiant.com Published [November 20, 2008]

Another successful project finished and launched. Amazing idea, excellent design, must see (www.tutorgiant.com).

Six Websites Launched [December 31, 2007]

Proud to post another successful set of web sites. Abacus has launched six web sites, few to be added to our online portfolio. Many thanks to all clients for selecting Abacus.ca as their web design provider in Toronto.

Growing and Moving [June 04, 2007]

Due to overwhealming interest in Abacus' services, we needed to expend our staff and as a result needed more space. Therefore we have moved to a new location on 3300 Bloor Street West. See our contact information for full contact information.

Three Projects Signed Three Completed! [March 12, 2007]

Glad to announce that Abacus.ca has completed three major projects ON TIME and ON BUDGET. See our Web Design Portfolio page for a list of projects Abacus has recently completed. Please note that only two out of these three projects are listed on portfolio page due to privacy of the project. In addition to that Abacus.ca has signed three new project as well.

We Are Expanding Again! [Aug 21, 2006]

After two large contracts Abacus needs to bring more poeple on board. This time we are looking for a experienced PHP web developer. See our career page for more...
[Career page]

We Are Hiring! [Dec 03, 2005]

Abacus.ca is currently expending and in need for experienced flash designer. Please see more about this position at our career section of this web site.
[Career page]

Canada Day 2005! [July 01, 2005]

Happy Canada Day!!!
Every Canadian should be celebrating to show that we appreciate our country and all the goods we enjoy in this wonderful country.
Learn more about Canada Day.

Reducing Domain Registration & Renewal Prices! [Mar 07, 2005]

To be clear, Abacus.ca is not a domain registrar, but we do register domain names on behalf of our web hosting and web design clients. To stay competitive we have dropped the price for 33.33'%, from $30.00 per year down to $20.00 per year. Yes, you can now register your .ca, .com, .org, .net domain names through Abacus.ca for only $20.00 for one year. (Effective March 07, 2005).

Introducing New Service! [Feb 18, 2005]

We are introducing Web Site Maintenance Service!
Beside that Abacus.ca has been providing free web site maintenance for three months after finishing web site project, now this option can be officially obtained not only for our web sites but for web sites designed by other firms. See more about our web site maintenance plans.

Happy Holidays! [Jan 01, 2005]

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!
Not only to our valued customers and employees but to everyone else including our competitors, we would like to wish happy holidays, good health, and happy new business year.

Canadian Business Directory! [July 01, 2004]

Happy Canada Day!!!
We are pleased to announce that very soon we will be releasing a Canadian Business Directory online. It will contain a listing of over 1,000,000 (1 Million) Businesses all across Canada. See the link Below
Canadian Business Directory!

New Web Hosting Server setup! [April 15, 2004]

Due to a high demand for a web hosting service from Abacus.ca, we have setup new web hosting server. In addition, we have expended our web site and our company with another domain specifically dedicated for web hosting at AbacusHosting.ca - WebHosting Services. Check our excellent hosting plans!

Happy Holidays! [Nov 15, 2003]

Well, holidays are just about to show up! Are you ready for it, or you will do preparation and shopping the last few days when the stores are full. I know, me too. However, last year I bought my presents in advance over the net. Less problems. I drink my tee and get the work done. Almost everything I bought from Amazon, they are secure and reliable with "no questions asked" return policy. Another Web page that helps find things is Buy Smart - Gift ideas and online shopping. In any case we wish you prosper and enjoyable holidays.

Web Design Software and Books! [Sep 01, 2003]

Our book and software library has grown over time and we have decided to share some useful information with our fellow designers or new designers interested in web design and development. We have created a list of software and books related to web design. If you are interested in this field you should visit this page and not make same mistake we did. We learnt it hard way. We bought many software and books that we had to discard. But you don't need to go thorough all this. Take a look on our list of recomended web design books and software.

Exchange Links With Abacus.ca! [Mar 10, 2003]

We have designed an easy form for link exchange. Simply add a link on your web page to our web site and we will put a link to your web site. Link Exchange is a mutual benefit for our web sites as it increases link popularity, which plays a big role for search engine searching results. Go ahead and Submit your link.

New Outfit! [Mar 01, 2003]

Again, we have tailored new suit for Abacus.ca! Our web site has been designed from 'scratch', and we always welcome for feedback on any of our work.

Web Site Dictionary of Technical Terms! [Dec 10, 2002]

Abacus offers web site dictionary specifically designed to help those in charge of creating new or rebuilding old web sites. Have a coffee and take a look on this page Web Site Dictionary of terms and definitions.

BUYSMART.CA is for sale! [Nov 10, 2002]

BUYSMART.CA (Buy Smart) Top Level Domain (TLD) name is for sale as of today! Click on Buy Smart for more information about buysmart.ca domain. A very attractive, short, smart, easy to remember, easy to spell, advertising oriented and it is a Canadian domain name. Grab it before it goes on auction!
Right now there is a website running on that domain BuySmart.ca - Buy Popular Items but you can still buy it.

Sure we love turkey and cranberry sauce! [Oct 15, 2002]

Happy Thanksgiving to all visitors. More about Thanksgiving: http://www.canadafirst.net/our_heritage/thanksgiving/ .

On Labour Day! [Sep 01, 2002]

Day of a workingman. Following a tradition we prepare for a nice loooong weekend, because after that kids will be back to school and we will be back to work. Read the history of Canadian Labour Day: http://www.perf.bc.ca/cep1092/labday.htm , or check for Labour Day Events in Ontario here: http://www.opseu.org/campaign/labourday2002.htm . Beside that we have released few career opportunities, starting in the next year check it out.

Happy Canada Day! [July 01, 2002]

Are we all enjoying long weekend, or some of us have to work so other can enjoy it? Soon we will be fully operational, we apologize to our customers for late responses.

Summer time and movement! [Jun 01, 2002]

Most of our staff are on their vacation now, and hopefully we will be in the new location before they arrive!

Two large contracts! [Mar 15, 2002]

Abacus is proud to announce two signed contracts in system analysis department. Become part of our growth - grow with Abacus.ca!

Web Changes! [Mar 01, 2002]

We have redeveloped our web site for Abacus employees and its members. Our advanced member's area offer variaty of new features. Members are all employees, and those who become our customers become members as well.

Abacus News Page! [Jan 05, 2002]

This News page has been added to our web site. It will list news related to ABACUS.ca in reversed chronological order. Happy New Year!

Abacus Website Published! [April 01, 1999]

Official website launch!

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