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Abacus.ca is a group of smart people located in Toronto Ontario, who work hard to provide a wide range of computer and Internet services. Our PEOPLE make the difference. Specialized in Internet Services, from software to hardware, Abacus will take your business to the next level. Internet is our work, Internet is our life and leisure. Therefore, when you need Internet service you can be confident that Abacus.ca will provide you with the best. With our work we have increased yearly income over 10% for most of our customers, your ROI for our work is guaranteed. Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have.

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About Abacus Device

Abacus! Abacus comes from the Greek word ABAX meaning "Calculating Board" OR "Calculating Table". Long time ago people would calculate using sand and little rocks. This might not seem an appropriate word to describe "today's" abacus device. Next generation of abacus became a set of beads on strings in the wooden frame that was invented in China about 700 years ago, during the Yuan Dynasty. So that Chinese Abacus is most popular of all Abacus variations. The abacus was so successful that it's use spread from China to many other countries. It was handy as it could be held and carried around easily. Believe or not, but abacus is still used in some countries. In countries like Russia and India abacus was slightly different but the principle was the same. In some other countries Abacus has different spelling, such as Abakus, abackus, Abax, but in most countries it is spelled as Abacus. That is a little history about abacus, which was today replaced with electronic calculator.

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More details on how to use abacus could be found on Ryerson site, created with JavaScript. Another useful page to learn how to calculate with abacus is Math Mojo.


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